Quick Reference

*This is italicized*, and **this is bold**.

Use * or _ for emphasis.

# This is a first level header

Use one or more hash marks for headers: # H1, ## H2, ### H3

This is a link to [Google](http://www.google.com)

First line.  
Second line.

End a line with two spaces for a linebreak.

- Unordered list item
- Unordered list item

Unordered (bulleted) lists use asterisks, pluses, or hyphens (*, +, or -) as list markers.

1. Ordered list item
2. Ordered list item

Ordered (numbered) lists use regular numbers, followed by periods, as list markers.

    /* This is a code block */

Indent four spaces for a preformatted block.

Let's talk about `<html>`!

Use backticks for inline code.


Images are exactly like links, with an exclamation mark in front of them.

Full Markdown documentation


About MME

Hi, I'm Philippe Masset.

I made the Minimalist Online Markdown Editor because I love Markdown and simple things.
The whole source code is on GitHub, and this editor is also available offline and with file support as a Chrome app.

If you have any suggestions or remarks whatsoever, just click on my name above and you'll have plenty of ways of contacting me.


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  • The editor automatically saves what you write locally for future use.
    If using a public computer, either empty the left panel before leaving the editor or use your browser's privacy mode


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  • Ctrl + + to increase the text size
  • Ctrl + - to decrease the text size

Shortcuts on Mac

On Mac, replace Ctrl with (the command key) in the shortcuts above.