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Before you tweet about the I/P conflict, answer these questions:

- What are the Oslo accords?
- Name 3 empires who had control of the mandate of Palestine in the past 2000 years
- Name 5 ethnic groups within Israel
- Jews are: A. religion B. An ethnicity C. An ethnoreligion

- what is the Khazar theory libel?
- who are the Ashkenazi?
- who are the Mizrahi?
- who are the Sephardi?
- who are Beta Israeli?
- What percentage of Israeli Jews do the Ashkenazim make up?
- What percentage of Israel is not Jewish?


- What is the Farhood?
- During WW2, who was the Gran Mufti of Jerusalem, Al-Husseini, allied with?
- What % of the British Mandate of Palestine went to Jordan, what % to Israel, and what % to Arab Palestinians?
- What is Pan-Arabism?


- In how many Middle Eastern countries are Palestinians allowed to naturalize?
- In how many Middle Eastern countries do Palestinians have equal rights?
- Is Jordan an ethnostate?
- How old is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? What year was it created? By whom?

-is Pakistan an ethnostate?
- How old is Pakistan? What year was it created? By whom? What did Arab League Decree 1547, passed in 1959, say and do?
- Name 5 Muslim countries that used to have a Jewish community and now have none, and describe where their Jews went and why.

- outside of Israel, which Middle Eastern/Persian country has the most Jews? The least? How many?
- How many Jews lived in these countries before 1948? Explain the difference in numbers.

- What is dhimmitude? Give examples of laws that dhimmis have had to follow.
- What is jizya tax?
- What is the Pact of Umar?
- What is a Moroccan mella? Why did it exist?

- Who are the following and what do they have in common? Zoroastrians? Copts? Kurds? Amazigh? Berbers? Arameans? Armenians? Assyrians? Baloch? Copts? Druze? Gilaks? Jews? Samaritans? Yazidis? Zazas?


- What is Stalinist antizionism?
- what are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? where was it published? who published it?
- who spread the Protocols into the Middle East, how and why?

- Explain the link between: Russian empire antisemitism, Nazi antisemitism, Soviet antisemitism, Arab antisemitism, and BDS antisemitism.
- Who funds Hamas?
- Who funds Al Jazeera?
- What is AJ+?
- True or false: The Hamas Charter call for the genocide if Jewish people.

- what is a Gharqad tree?


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