Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Fri May 10 23:00:47 +0000 2019

About an hour ago, I was walking out of my office for the day. There was a man what I believe was his teenage son hanging a small sign they made outside my office (we let people leave well wishes on our wall). Astonishingly, his sign read: “Trump supporters for Ocasio-Cortez.”

I was pretty astonished. We shook hands, he introduced himself, and told me he wanted to show his support. I could barely get my question out - I wanted to honor his positivity, yet respectfully find a way to ask, “How?”

I somehow got it out: “With all respect sir, how do you... manage to support both of us at the same time?” This is what he said: “I’ve been saying for years that climate change is our most important crisis. You’re one of the only ones who‘s been willing to be decisive on it.”

Then he said, “I like you. I can tell that you are genuine and fighting for us. You’re real and you get it.” I thanked him and his family from the bottom of my heart.

All of this is to say don’t let any politician, no matter the party, lecture you about what is “possible” or “electable.” Don’t ever let a politician imply that working people are “less-than” or “uneducated” - aka that they are the ones in the way of solving the climate crisis.

The forces getting in the way of solving our climate crisis are politicians themselves + lobbyists. It is the willingness to bend to corporate power - the same ones that use coal miners’ plights for a tax break, yet refuse to pay for those same miners’ healthcare for black lung.

If you don’t understand this man’s sign - or don’t approach it with a desire to - then you do not understand this political moment. The same folks who said Trump was impossible in 2016 are the same ones lecturing on what’s “electable” in 2020. Don’t buy it. Vote your values.