Eric Topol
Sun Feb 24 17:21:25 +0000 2019

3. The @commonwealthfnd ranks the #UK first and the #US last of 11 countries overall, with differences in 5 sub-categories charted here

4. The #NHS is perceived by UK citizens as the #1 most revered institution in the country, above the @BBC and the Royal Family (I'll leave it to you as to the general view of healthcare in the US)

5. Major investments by the #UK in #genomics ~15 years ago led to the @uk_biobank and @GenomicsEngland -> the UK's current status as the global leader in this field.

6. Unlike the US, #NHS has a major division for education and training of its workforce—@NHS_HealthEdEng—which took on #genomics, and is now starting to implement the digital and #AI recommendations from our review.

From the Intro to my recent #AI @NatureMedicine review, applies to both countries: Medicine is at the crossroad of two major trends. The first is a failed business model, with increasing expenditures and jobs ... but with deteriorating key outcomes.....

Unlike the #UK, which is deliberately planning their #healthcare strategy for the next 20 years and investing heavily in #AI and digital tools, the #US has no national planning or dedicated resources

In both countries, there is an exceptionally high rate of burnout among doctors, estimated to be ~50%, and across all clinicians. Peak depression, too.

#DeepMedicine (out 12 March) maps out a path for #AI to give clinicians the "gift of time," improve the patient-doctor relationship, restore the care in #healthcare. Using the future to bring back the past. It won't be easy & requires planning & activism