Haseenah Koyakutty
Tue May 21 01:21:39 +0000 2019

#Singapore #Succession #HoChing: Kenneth ain’t gonna let go on this Ho Ching salary topic, and I’m glad persistence pays! “At least the fact that the @wpsg has asked (the) question for the first time is a breakthrough of sorts.” ⬇️ 1/5 https://t.co/KHKrvy54YY

#Singapore #Succession #HoChing: I once asked PM @leehsienloong in a media face time about this very topic, and he did not like it. I was direct about the conflict of interest without beating about the bush. This was back in 2004 just before he assumed the PMship. 2/

#Singapore #Succession #HoChing: A kind civil servant present told me afterward that PM went ballistic after that media question time. Lol. /3

#Singapore #Succession #HoChing: I appreciated the civil servant’s initiative to let me know as a friend but had PM addressed my question properly back then without temper tantrum, maybe he wouldn’t be in hot soup today? 4/

#Singapore #Succession #HoChing: Hey PM Lee, is it true you went ballistic? Lol. It’s a very Suu Kyi kinda entitled princess or princeling behavior. #JustSaying And oh, when will you #ResignPMLee? 5/5