Jerome Taylor
Sun Jun 16 05:42:27 +0000 2019

This time last week — when organisers say one million people hit the streets — the colour of the day was white

Today it is black, representing the anger that has exploded since the city’s pro-Beijing leaders ignored last Sunday’s march and threw their support behind police after Wednesday’s clashes

A sea of black

And they just keep arriving

Plenty of anger towards police. This sign spotted by my colleague @yuenok

Exclusive: Young Hong Kongers who marshalled the fight against police earlier this week tell @AFP how they were pushed into embracing more confrontational tactics by the failure of years of peaceful protests. Brilliant piece by @yuenok

The march has begun. Some early pics on the @AFP wire

Bouquets of white flowers, written tributes & origami cranes have piled up outside a high-end Hong Kong shopping mall, where a young man plunged to his death protesting against a controversial extradition bill, @AFP's @AdkinRoss and @HelenRoxburgh report