Jerome Taylor
Sun Jun 16 08:32:13 +0000 2019

These guys were handing out free flowers to anyone who wanted to pay tribute to the deceased man (who has yet to be identified but has swiftly become a martyr to the movement)

These flowers were bought by florist in Kowloon, who told me he picked up a bunch of boxes from the wholesale market this morning to give away

We don't know much about the man who died, or the state of his mental health. But having watched the distressing video of his fall as rescuers tried to grab him, I think there are some questions police/authorities need to answer and we haven't had a statement yet

Protesters in Taiwan rallied in support of Hong Kong today.

Beijing's treatment of Hong Kong in recent years has reverberated in Taiwan where many recoil at what they fear could be their future if China's autocratic leaders have their way. @ambermywang and I wrote about the Taiwan butterfly effect here:

As I have long said, estimating crowd size is a mug's game. But there's evidence to suggest what we're seeing today is on a par with -- and perhaps bigger -- that last weekend's undoubtedly record-breaking rally

Like last weekend, people are still arriving at the march's start some four hours since it began. They're getting through the city quicker too because this time cops have opened more roads. In Wanchai crowds have packed four major arteries, usually they're on just one

Whatever the eventual number -- and of course cops will underestimate, organisers over-estimate -- the sheer size of today's rally tells us two things: 1. People are still hugely angry at Carrie Lam 2. The wider public support the youngsters who battled police