Jerome Taylor
Sun Jun 30 22:21:13 +0000 2019

Breaking: Hong Kong protesters seize key roads on China handover anniversary -- @AFP

Breaking: Hong Kong police use pepper spray, batons on protesters: @AFP (The clashes took place on Fenwick Pier Street)

Our latest @AFP wrap Hong Kong police used pepper spray & batons against anti-government protesters who had seized highways early Monday ahead of what is expected to be a huge pro-democracy rally on the anniversary of the city's handover to China

Video shot by @ayanchiu

Two helicopters, one carrying the Chinese flag, the other a smaller Hong Kong flag, fly over the harbour. Protesters jeered during the fly-by

Here's Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's speech. Stick to conciliatory tone of last couple of weeks and vows to listen to youth. But no concessions made to protester demands

Lam (centre) shares a champagne toast after flag-raising ceremony marking Hong Kong's return to China next to two of her predecessors CY Leung (far left) and Tung Chee-hwa (2nd left). Lam's approval ratings have fallen below CY's to an historic low

Hong Kong police say unknown liquid was thrown by protesters at their officers with some subsequently experiencing difficulty breathing & itchy skin. 13 officers sent to hospital for treatment

Breaking: Protesters try to smash way into Hong Kong’s parliament: @AFP

I do wonder whether the increased tensions in the last 24 hours -- with angry pro-Beijingers rallying on Sunday and renewed police vs anti-govt clashes this morning, will effect turnout for the democracy march?

Live footage shows pro-democracy lawmakers pleading with the more hardline anti-government protesters to stop trying to smash their way into parliament. For now it seems to have worked

I spoke too soon. The battering ram is back

The democracy march has begun from Victoria Park and the crowds, while fairly big, do look smaller than the last two rallies. The end of the route is the city's parliament, currently under siege by the more hardline anti-government protesters

The battering ram got stuck for a bit. Now it's through the window and police on the other side have taken it.

There's been a hardening along the fringes of Hong Kong's political divide the last 24 hours. The young anti-govt protesters are upping the ante & dismissing pleas from pan-dems to show restraint. But this comes after they were abused for hours by pro-Beijingers on Sunday

Pro-democracy march looking a bit bigger now -- photo via one of our live TV positions

Another image of the democracy rally -- taken near the start in Causeway Bay by my colleague @ayanchiu

Police have asked members of the public to consider whether they should take part in the democracy rally. Yet the rally itself is entirely peaceful so far. My bet is if the democracy crowds get to parliament, they'll have a better chance of calming down the hardliners

Pro-democracy lawmaker Leung Yiu-chung is held back by protesters as he tries to stop them ramming a metal cart into Hong Kong's parliament. @AFP photo by Philip Fong

Another powerful shot from Fong who is never far from the action

Seen looking calmer outside Hong Kong's parliament now. Seems the protesters have ceased trying to break through the reinforced glass. Photo via @yuenok

Hong Kong's last colonial era governor Chris Patten spoke to BBC radio this morning. Says violence of anti-govt protesters is very ill-advised, but warns it is the result of heavy-handed police response to earlier protests.

"The Communist Party has long pushed the Chinese people to look at the world through the lens of economic interests, and skeptical attitudes toward the Hong Kong protests show it has taken firm root." Good piece by @LiYuan6

HK's i-Cable news showing new attempt to break windows on Hong Kong's parliament by a couple of masked protesters armed with metal poles.

Approaching hour 15, time for a quick refuel

I-Cable news showing protesters making their way further inside parliament. Riot police are currently choosing not to engage with them and are retreating further down passageways

Breaking: Hong Kong protesters breach the inside of parliament building: TV -- @AFP

Unprecedented scenes inside Hong Kong's parliament right now. Protesters are tearing down portraits of city leader Carrie Lam as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping. Riot police appear to have retreated deeper inside the complex or abandoned it all together.

Uhhhh, you don't say? 😳🧐

Graffiti inside Hong Kong's parliament. Via @yuenok

Protesters spraying the Hong Kong seal that sits above the main parliamentary chamber

Breaking: Hong Kong govt says "radical protesters" storming parliament used 'extreme violence' -- @AFP "These protesters seriously jeopardised the safety of police officers and members of the public. Such violent acts are unacceptable to society."

It's uh, been a bit busy

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters near parliament: TV -- @AFP

Ending a 21hr day with the following wrap. In awe of my @AFP colleagues who have produced stunning text & visuals today. HK leader Carrie Lam has announced a presser at 4am (who does that?!) but I’m now handing over now to likely safer hands. #gayau