Elisabeth Bik 💉 💉
Thu May 27 19:30:22 +0000 2021

Breaking news:
Just got another legal threat, now for my criticism of the "External Qi" papers. In those papers, a Qigong Master claims to treat cancer cells with his force. The lawyer representing the authors demands me to take down my Pubpeer postings.
(small thread) https://t.co/QhQnJcJxby

You can read the PubPeer posts here:
And you can read my concerns about those papers on my blogpost:

Most of the papers by these authors do not describe how the method works, but an older 2004 paper claims that the cancer cells were put in a locked room and then treated with 'external Qi' by Dr. Yan Xin. It is not clear from the description if Dr. Xin was in the room or not. https://t.co/sDrdxd8ebz

The lawyer claims that my suggestion that Dr. Xin might have been in the room is false, and that I 'should have known' that Xin was actually 7 km away irradiating the cells in the locked room.
Not that this makes the method more scientific or reproducible by others.

Of particular note, the authors' affiliations included @Harvard, @UofOklahoma, @USherbrooke, @McMasterU, and @NIH, and the work was funded by the @NIH.
So the authors might have some powerful lawyers. https://t.co/CNq1RFlJzQ

But I stand with my right to have concerns about these papers, and to question the science behind the method that was used to kill cancer cells.
I hope you agree with me.
Science should be discussed by scientists, and the discussion should not be silenced by lawyers.

Thu May 27 19:53:33 +0000 2021