Alexander Paschall
Wed Jun 12 23:15:12 +0000 2019

We got an engine kitten apparently. So this truck is staying parked until it comes out :| Cute af though because now the truck meows constantly.

Audio is my mom and @8bitKnitWit's hearts melting

Happy to report that my mom was able to acquire a cage trap so we're hoping to catch it qnd take care of it. A bowl of wet catfood was left out and it looks like it came down to eat so the cage will probably work. Will update you all with anything

UPDATE Nothing has changed, the truck is still meowing loudly and incessantly

Special shout out to my awesome mom @GinaPaschall for finding/working on the rescue of the little fur baby. I'm just reporting.

Truck kitten checked out what was going on last night, but so far has not been captured.


Last night, there was success! Sorry for the low quality vid, I'll get a better one later

BUT WAIT! There is a second kitten who has come to investigate the captured kitten!! We have to get this one too now

This morning @8bitKnitWit and I visited @GinaPaschall to get the update on the kitten and here's what we were greeted with

Update: Nothing has changed with the truck as it is still meowing constantly

TARGETS Kitten 1: white and gray, captured Kitten 2: sibling to Kitten 1, dark color, uncaptured STRATEGIC LOCATION Truck: Occupied by Kitten 2 REPORT Kitten 2 has located its sibling and is attempting to form a breakout plan using the re-occupied truck as a base of operations

Longer video where my mom explains some about the truck kitten situation in the background but mostly it's a kitten meowing We got the trap out successfully and she reset it, but we had to go to work. More updates later.

My life

I have been informed that kitten 1 (codename "Dodge") has calmed down and now Rammy is possibly trying to leave the truck to see Dodge


Grainy video of the truck/cage with kitten attempting breakout

Rammy is back again on top of the cage, but Dodge is waiting at the bottom for rescue.

Breakout attempt 1, higher quality video

The prisoner, Dodge, has protested by pooping in the bed we provided

Bribed the prisoner with nice big bowl of food, seems to be working

We popped the hood to check if Rammy was around and SURPRISE! Rammy was napping and then fled into the engine depths.

Rammy's hiding spot was discovered!

Rammy says "this is my squat, free the prisoner!" to @8bitKnitWit

That little hiss 😍 Kait attempts to bribe Rammy, but this one isn't so easily swayed by our efforts.

Rammy has come out to call Dodge a traitor and then ran back into the hideout

Getting a new blanket for the prisoner, the trap is reset and the saga continues.

My mom's dogs waiting patiently while looking out at the situation

My mom shut the door to her house and it auto-locked, so I had to break in with an old conceal carry permit. You all enjoying these characters and plot twists? George RR Martin, eat your heart out.

Bonus Content: Confused @8bitKnitWit trying to find Rammy

📢THE TRAP HAS SPRUNG AND RAMMY WAS CAPTURED📢 🚨I REPEAT, WE HAVE CAPTURED THE SECOND KITTEN🚨 DAY 3 STATUS REPORT: -The truck is no longer meowing -All known kittens have been captured -Mom is still amazing

More cat plot points: After our cat Santino passed, Kait has been very sad. She needed to see cats, but when we got home the other cats were missing. Kait and I planned a week ago to visit a cat cafe, we paid for a slot for Saturday. Now it's Saturday and we have two kittens

Xena and Ashes are two cats we also have, but they're semi-wild, so they just wander around where they like and vanish for long periods of time. The kittens may be Xena's. Santino was a big lapcat and Kait's best friend until he got sick and passed a couple weeks ago.

Update: captured kittens are coming home with us now

Video Update We're gonna rename them btw, the codenames were just so we could stop saying "kitten 1" and "kitten 2"

Kitten relocation to new home, part 1

Omg so sad and defeated looking.

Dodge explores while Rammy mopes in the blankey

Kait wants the house to be clean for the new kittens... so I am out here recording them with mom while Kait sweeps

The cage didn't fit through the door, so we had to take them out, put them in the bathroom, disassemble/reassemble the cage and then put them back in it. At one point Dodge slipped out and busted a hole in the drywall trying to escape! There was apparently a weak spot o_o

No, really, they knocked a hole in the wall where there was a small crack in the drywall and I plugged it with a rug and put the cage against it so it's stuck.

Same energy

The cats are secured in the cage and we've left them alone to calm down and so we can get some breakfast at the local diner. Totally unrelated food pictures break.