Sun Apr 07 03:41:03 +0000 2019

Today is our Qing Ming Day, or Tomb-Sweeping Day. The actual date was Friday, but many honour it on a weekend around that date. Our first stop - Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery in Bright Hill. A sea of people paying their respects. The air thick with the scent of incense. https://t.co/VKExK73q1N

My dad lighting joss sticks for his mother. https://t.co/Xp6GjEvwte

National Day goodie bags? No, just offerings to be burned. The crowd’s so huge, we are not allowed to burn offerings ourselves. Instead, we leave them here for temple workers to burn for us later. https://t.co/xfwfAxD7ww

Moving with the times... https://t.co/dWHURFOn8M

Our second stop was Tai Pei Yuen Temple in Balestier, to pay respects to my mother’s parents. They live in the same housing complex for the dead. https://t.co/OwDdEmsTcC

My dad lighting joss sticks for my mother’s parents. https://t.co/1qwA1d6bn4

I took down the floor, “block”, and “unit” numbers for my maternal grandparents, so I can visit them even without my dad. They were born in early 20th-century China during tumultuous times, migrated to Singapore, and became new citizens here. https://t.co/qRVL1yXd7h

Our final stop of the day was East Coast Park, to visit my mom. The sea was beautiful. https://t.co/5Qo4g9a3f1