Hari Kunzru
Sat Jun 22 06:34:44 +0000 2019

As a novelist, when I heard about this, I wanted to put a face to it, to understand who could stand up in court and argue for children being denied basic necessities. This is a video of a woman ‘just doing her job’. A cautious bureaucrat, an illustration of the banality of evil https://t.co/EOQiDBG8F0

Twitter points out that this is the same lawyer, Sarah Fabian, who delayed reunification of over a hundred under 5’s with their families because she had to dog sit. https://t.co/cjhfG7mmD4

This blew up. If you care about the conditions in the child detention camps, please consider donating to @RAICESTEXAS who are providing legal representation to child detainees https://t.co/QpA5Mzy6Ai

More resources and ideas to fight child detention https://t.co/BpjfA8vQYS

These are the conditions Sarah Fabian went to court to defend https://t.co/ihJiJDZKLq

More on conditions for children in CBP camps. There will have to be a reckoning for this. https://t.co/8ox2WCtiVZ

I’ll keep adding information to this thread as the first tweet was popular. Link to thread about the six children known to have died so far in the US camp system https://t.co/xukO5da0Wc

The point about Sarah Fabian is that she’s not special. She likes dogs. She presumably has friends and family who love her. She doesn’t seem smart, or to be a stellar lawyer. She can’t (or doesn’t care to) imagine the lives of the children she’s helping the state to abuse ...

But *no one requires that of her*. She is paid $160k or so a year to argue whatever she’s told to argue. Deny the kids toothpaste? Sure. No medical care? Ok. All it takes for the system to tip over into horror is a few layers of Sarah Fabians, doing their jobs.

To be clear, I think there’s criminality here, at many levels. Stephen Miller is a criminal. Some of the officials at ICE and CBD are guilty of crimes. We have yet to hear about the various individual abuses by guards and low level officials. But many more are complicit.




This neglect has nothing to do with incompetence or budgetary constraints. As with so much of Trumpism, the cruelty is the point. https://t.co/z6PVi6FEuU

The cruelty is the point, and the culture of the CBP helps agents to normalize what they’re doing. Inevitably there’s a private FB group full of sick memes https://t.co/Ut3qqxhgcq