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1) chelo kabab

this is considered the “national dish” of 🇮🇷. it’s basically saffron rice topped with butter & pomegranate, with grilled tomatoes and onions. it’s served with diff varieties of kabab. doogh, a *refreshing* yoghurt carbonated drink, usually accompanies this dish https://t.co/aQAN30rf5l

my 2 fav kabab options

koobideh kabab: made from minced lamb/ beef

joojeh kabab: chunks of marinated chicken (usually boneless)

there are other variations of beef kababs + fish kababs too https://t.co/PclDvBIP6D

2) ghormeh sabzi

another national dish. it’s a persian herb stew. the sautéed herb mixture is cooked with kidney beans, persian black lime and turmeric seasoned lamb or beef. one of my fav dishes! i always skip on the beans and add 1 chili padi for spice (as seen in pic) 😜 https://t.co/e9RJluJFbU

3) fesenjoon

a type of iranian stew aka khoresh, made from chicken/ duck. it’s flavoured w pomegranate paste & ground walnuts. it’s usually served with chelo aka iranian rice. the pomegranate paste gives it a unique flavour. it can turn out either sweet or sour 🤤 https://t.co/GzifLZZNag

4) kotlet

it’s a persian cutlet. one of my go to side dishes. it’s made made from ground meat and potato + other spices and ingredients that i’m not too sure about (eggs, onions... *blank*). there’s also the vegetarian ver that you should try!!! 😁 https://t.co/Dq9UjOdchE

5) tahchin joojeh/ tahchin morgh

it’s not an easy dish to make. i’ve only had it a couple of times back in iran. it’s basically layered saffron rice & cooked chicken bound together by seasoned yoghurt and egg yolk mixture. the bottom layer is the tastiest and is called tahdig https://t.co/DI9cwGlgRW

you flip it once it’s cooked and it’ll look like a cake. then slice and serve 🤤

p.s the garnish from first dish photos aren’t pomegranate (tho pomegranate is still used as garnish) iranians like garnishing their rice with *barberries* (looks a little like dried pomegranate) https://t.co/ITodhqTVnD

6) abgoosht

this is a traditional dish. basically lamb stew thickened with chickpeas. tomatoes, potatoes, onions, dried lime... *mind goes blank*

ANYWAY! it’s flavourful and is usually eaten with iranian flatbread 😋 https://t.co/EFSofes22C

7) vegetarian khoresh bademjan

it’s made from baked eggplants and yellow split peas. the pomegranate concentration + blend of fresh orange & lemon juices give it its flavour.

the traditional stew has chunks of meat in it but i thought i’d intro a vegetarian option https://t.co/BTSCh64HFX

8) kuku sabzi

another vegetarian dish! eggs $ herbs r mixed together w various spices $ ground turmeric. it’s cooked over low heat. the eggs serve 2 hold the kuku (dont laugh) in place so you’ll not really get that egg-ey flavour. it’s usually garnished w walnuts & barberries. https://t.co/R0P0agd0yp

9) loobia polo

this is one of my top 5. it’s made of ground beef, green beans, onions, tomato paste + other spices. you layer the mixture w basmati rice and saffron to get a richer flavour (?) idk how it works but it’s SO DAMN GOOD! and usually there’s tahdig too soOoO 🤤 🤤 🤤 https://t.co/mK0LUZ5eQO

10) bastani sonnati aka persian ice cream

this one’s for all dessert lovers out there! it’s a traditional iranian ice cream made from milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla, and pistachios. it’s sometimes garnished w cinnamon and is usually served with plain wafers. https://t.co/d3lfWhBQQz

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